Against Grace, Safety Suit, Anberlin at Toad’s Place, 12/15/08

I decide to end my less than stellar day (long doctor visits and startling new job changes) by seeing a bunch of amazing bands including local band Against Grace, who are always a crowd pleaser.

I get to Toad’s Place and there’s a line wrapped around the building where I wait for a good half hour. I finally get inside and see that the guys in Against Grace are already on stage (Seriously? A show that actually starts on time?). I end up catching the tail end of their set. And by tail end, I mean I walked in when they said “Thank you. We’re Against Grace. Goodnight!” But seeing as how I’ve seen Against Grace numerous times (and will continue to see them), I know that they put on a great show.

Safety Suit came up next and having never even heard of them, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Upbeat, hard rock sounds filled the venue as the crowd chanted “whoa-oh, oh oh, oh oh” along with the band. The band had so much energy onstage while jumping around and interacting with the crowd. They even ended their set with a hardcore rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” I’m buying their album tomorrow.

I hadn’t really listened to Anberlin since maybe around 2004, but I remembered that I did enjoy their music. I easily remembered some of the old songs they played and was taken back to the day I got Blueprints for the Black Market.

I realized that I’ve become an old man when I had to leave the middle of the venue to stand in the back. I’ve never had to do that before. Plus, I was getting too tired to stay for headliner Saving Abel. I’m hanging my head in complete and utter shame. First a gray hair and now this.

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