Happy Birthday Sarah Blacker! (Show at The Camel tonight)

Jazzy/folk-rock singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker is coming to the Camel tonight, Jan. 11 for a birthday performance (yes, she even plays on her birthday!) in support of her new album, The Only Way Out is Through.

From her bio:
Sarah Blacker will treat you like an old friend before a show and stop you dead in your tracks once she starts to sing. Her songs are mature with sharp, eloquent lyrics that are easy to relate to and a seemingly endless ability to capture audiences of all kinds with her unique and aesthetic sound. Though just the size of a woodland fairy, her instrumental skills on the guitar, mandolin, and djembe are enough to make any fellow male peers weak in the knees, (and equally as impressed) with a sound much bigger than her size.

Her lyrics range from relating the chaos of falling in love to the ability to digest dark chocolate and red wine in the album’s opening track to honest confessions to her parents about an inability to work a regular job. There is a grace in Sarah’s laid-back, soulful flare and a great energy that really comes through in the slight turning of a phrase or a small change in vocal color that speaks volumes.

I’m bummed I’m going to miss this show. Sounds like it’ll be a blast.


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