The Sounds of B.Martin

Singer-songwriter Brian Martin, under the moniker of “B.Martin,” plays simply a guitar, but the sounds he produces are some of the most extensive and organic sounding notes I’ve heard.

Martin’s “Half-Sleeve” EP is a collection of songs that smack you in the face and force you to listen – but in a good way. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Coldplay and Guster, Martin wants you to feel every note, every ache and every good moment. There’s a whole lot on this album but in no way is it over-produced or underwhelming.

Martin’s CD release party takes place on Saturday, May 22 at Honey Whyte’s (2116 E. Main Street).

Listen to “Connected”


  1. Sounds cool dude. I also play acoustic guitar and was thinking about doing something like you did with the drum machine. It’s so hard getting a band together and even harder getting them to focus.

    I listened to Connected. That song is a real catchy tune with such a simple riff. Goes to show it doesn’t take face melting riffs to make a good song.

    Keep it up bro, I wanna hear you on the radio someday.

  2. I just listened to this song, but I didn’t think I would actually like it. I love hearing new music, but after reading the description behind B. Martin, I was nervous it was all talk and no truth. However, I am happy to say I was wrong. This is a song I would play on my itunes. It sounds very American, which to me is nice because I am in Greece right now and don;t hear alot of music like this.

  3. Is there going to be a place to buy the album outside of the release party?
    I really enjoyed that, would love to hear more.
    Keep writing!

    • Heard b.martin play after you at that fundraiser.

      Can’t wait to see him perform again at his cd release party this weekend!

      • Do you mean the Laila Rose Foundation up at the Ranch in Northern Virginia? It sure was fun! Feel free to see my next show at the Camel on July 17th. Ill be playing with the Meadow Street Band. I sure hope to cross paths with the talented Martin again. Maybe he could play on my next record !

  4. those he neccessarily needs to be connected to the sign up industries or bosses?,I know this prelude actually gonna connect those cards for a minus in the owners’ accounts when it hit the stores.Bravo B,

  5. just found your blog through the “freshly pressed” section on wordpress. i’m looking forward to browsing through old posts to see what else I like!

    and fun fact – i’m from richmond. holler.

  6. Hey there’
    I really liked the tune. Clean crisp acoustic. Basic chord progression really, And I can relate to the lyrics. So, from what you wrote about this guy, I’m assuming that, as far as the great guitar playing, one will have to review another, or other songs that he has out there? I liked the song though. Good coverage.

  7. I had never heard (of) B. Martin- thanks for posting this- I really like his sound!!! I’m off to discover more… :o)

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