Ladies and Gentlemen… The Girtles!

Get ready for The Girtles, an all-girl Beatles cover band playing classic early Beatles songs.

Featuring members of Fuzzy Baby, Quatro Na Bossa and Miramar, the four lasses – Molly, Bonnie, Laura Ann and Marla – bring that raw, 60s style that the Beatles were so famous for. They even have their own Brian Epstein-type manager – Scuttlebutt Gus – whose previous experience includes failed projects the “Sweat Shop Boys,” and “Mr. Singh.”

The Girtles play their first ever show tonight at Balliceaux. Show starts at 11 p.m.

I have a feeling it’s going to be the girls’ “Ed Sullivan” performance. I know I’ll be crying my eyes out and screaming. And possibly chasing them down the street.

The Girtles on WRIR’s Mellow Madness

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