An Evening at the Listening Room

The Listening Room had reach capacity for the evening. The room was filled with music lovers eagerly awaiting another amazing night of music. There seemed to be a lot more older punks in attendance which made sense since former Avail frontman Tim Barry was the main performer.

But first, Alan And Jonathan Parker’s new project Paw Paw took the stage. They played most songs from their last group, Pendleton, and promise new material would be out by the fall. They sound very raw, but their years of playing in other bands is definitely a help for them.

Andy Cobb of the Itchy Hearts was next. He was by far the best performer of the evening. His energy couldn’t be cotained even when he was speaking. And once he sang, all that energy poured into every emotional song.

Itchy Hearts – Brothers

Itchy Hearts – S.S.

Tim Barry admitted to feeling awkward in front of a quiet audience since he’s used to playing rowdy shows. He was able to calm down a bit and continue into an amazing set full of jokes at VCU students (“So VCU is back in session. What a nightmare!”) and hipsters who try too hard to serious songs about slave burial grounds and living your life to the fullest.

Tim Barry – South Hill

Let’s see what the Listening Room brings next month.


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