R.I.P. Ross Harman

I learned today that Ross Harman, sequencer for trippy, electronic rock group The Gaskets died on Monday morning after taking a bottle of pills in order to end his own life.

This saddens me to no end. I never knew Ross, but I always enjoyed the music of the Gaskets.

Driven by Boredom has a beautiful post on Ross written by the Gaskets’ former manager. After reading this, I wish I had known him.

The Gaskets – Eiffel Tower (one of my favorites)


  1. Im very sad to hear this news. I remember the Gaskets and I played a show many years back at the now de-funct Matt’s Village Pub. They were very happy back then. If only someone might be able to see the signs and intervene before its too late. R.I.P.

  2. jesus…that’s awful…just a couple days ago i was listening to them, and was trying to figure out what had happened those two, and found it difficult to track them down, i wanted to get in touch. really sad.

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