The 2010 Richmond Playlist

And 2010 comes to a close. Another notch in the calendar and a time to look back and reminisce on the year and look forward to what’s coming next.

It’s been lots of fun running this site over the past year and I’ve gotten to hear some great music and meet some amazing people. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2011.

But one of the best things about the end of the year is looking back on all the music that your life memorable. I had a hard time putting together a collection of Richmond-based songs and keep it at a decent length, but somehow I managed to narrow it down.

So for your enjoyment, I present to you the 2010 Richmond Playlist.

Dean Fields – Before Morning Sobers
Dave Watkins – Whiskey Butter Sauce
Samson Trinh & the Upper East Side Big Band – Oh Darling
Prabir/Goldrush – The Pursuit of Happiness
Battleflags – This Time-This Time
Ferdinand Thomas – Wooden Eyes
Andy Moore – Chicago
Safety Word Orange – Follow Suit
The Girtles – Boy
Long Arms – Wating To Be Reborn
Javaquarium – Lhasa Apso (Tipsy’s Song)
T-Division – Picture Box
Alex Enggist – The 4:55 Downtown
Morning Disaster – Black Leather Books
The Greater The Risk – Braver
Branch Clarke – Overboard
Meade Skelton – How Am I Supposed To Live Without Ukrops
Anousheh Khalili – In The Air Tonight
The Gaskets – Eiffel Tower
Photosynthesizers – Astrobelts
Moruza – Richmond
Against Grace & Doethepaperboy – Monday
Jonathan Vassar & the Speckled Bird – The Fault Line Blues

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