Spacebomb Records is Here

Spacebomb Records, a new Richmond-based record label has been launched by Matthew White (of Fight the Big Bull), Dean Christesen (of RVAJazz) and Jesse Medaries.

From Spacebomb Records:
Centered around a house band (think Stax or Motown), a distinct cast of contributing auxiliary musicians (think Phil Spector’s wrecking crew), division of labor (think Brill Building), and strong and unified musical and artistic statements (think Blue Note), Spacebomb is founded on old models, combining the creative structures and recording techniques of great record labels of the 20th century with the the DIY revolution of the last 40 years and the current digital music phenomenon. For each release, Spacebomb will be releasing 1,000 beautiful hand-assembled vinyl records as well as distributing the music online.

Recording artist Karl Blau will be the first to participate in the Spacebomb process, visiting Richmond to record a solo album, co-produce White’s solo album and perform at the Spacebomb premiere event at Balliceaux on February 16.

Spacebomb will also be curating a bi-weekly night at Balliceaux focusing on the recording projects that the label is involved in and supporting the individual projects of those musicians.

I’m excited to see where this leads. There can never be enough musical things happening in Richmond.

Read the full release here.

Karl Blau – Underneath the Willow

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