The Music Tapes Lull Me to Sleep

The Music Tapes have been traveling around performing bedtime lullaby shows for a while and stopped by The Cabin last night for a special performance of songs, carols and stories. Here’s what you missed:

  • blessing Antonia’s sleep pillow with a filmstrip of elephants
  • the greatest gingerbread man choir in Richmond, Va.
  • the miniature mechanized organ player
  • a “living present” that had to be passed around the whole night.
  • banjos being played with violin bows
  • singing sheep
  • stories of Sylvester Stallone being a fruit hanging champion
  • a bubble machine that showered the crowd in a sea of bubbles
  • stories about being friends with the dark (we were blindfolded for this one)

The video below won’t do this show justice.
Video removed by request.

And listen to “Majesty.”


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