New Releases from Itchy Hearts, the Atkinsons, Drew Martin & the Limelights

Check out a few new releases from some of Richmond’s finest bands.

I’ve been obsessed over Itchy Hearts ever since I heard them perform at the Listening Room last year. And now, they’ve just released their new album “Tried to be Punk,” as collection of fun, acoustic rock songs that get your feet moving. It’s also some of the best songwriting I’ve heard from Andy Cobb and company to date. Take a listen.

Country-rock group The Atkinsons are no strangers to the Richmond scene. I’ve seen them a number of times and thought they were pretty decent. But nothing could prepare me for their incredible second album “Mile Marker.” It only goes to show that these guys have new tricks up their sleeves. It’s surprisingly good and on constant repeat.

The Atkinsons – You Could Go

Drew Martin and the Limelights is made up members of the Jim Ivins Band, yet manage to craft music into a totally different direction – one that’s full of a lot of energetic sounds and extremely catchy and very heartfelt lyrics.

Drew Martin and the Limelights – Calling Your Bluff

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