Win A Personally Written EP from Aux Send

If you haven’t been checking out my friend’s video webcast Aux Send, you’ve been missing out on excellent performances from artists like Nelly Kate, Robin Smith, Jeremy Cowgill, Seal Skin, Rally Vincent and Gallows Bound. And they are some awesome performances.

Now, they’re putting together the first official Aux Send EP Contest where one viewer/listener will win a completely original EP composed just for them by Nelly Kate, Robin Smith, Jeremy Cowgill, Rally Vincent, Gallows Bound, and Doug+Mollie. This EP’s production theme is modern lo-fi, and all tracks will be recorded using only one mic from a laptop or iPhone (and then mastered by the producer).

Here’s how to enter:
1. Go to the podcast in iTunes and give the show a rating and review by June 3rd.
2. Email and include the username you used to write the review, your name, and the best way to get in touch with you (email, phone number, etc.).
3. Entries will be reviewed by a panel of artists from the show and a winner will be selected by vote. We realize this is a sort of ambiguous guideline to help you craft your entry, but generally the show and it’s artists all appreciate genuine thoughts, humor, and of course hyperbolic flattery.
4. The winner will provide the producer with a handful of fun facts, interests, or desired topics about themselves/their loved ones/their favorite charity and the bands will have 30 days to produce their songs, which will be made into one physical disc for the winner and distributed for free online.

Go here for more information.

I would tell you to enter to win, but that EP is mine. Just saying.

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