The Worst Part About Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day, the hugely popular hipster drunk fest is hitting Richmond this weekend and for one weekend, plenty of punks, dirty hipsters and loud, hardcore bands will overrun the city. And every year, it gets more and more obnoxious. I’m not a fan of the event for numerous reasons. But the biggest one is that their motto of “getting together to celebrate friendship” is one big joke.

I attended the event two years ago because I had heard so many good things about it and I was interested in seeing some of the bands perform. Granted, I don’t travel in the hipster or punk circles very often, but I figured a fun weekend event with friends would extend to anyone that wanted to come and enjoy themselves. Early on, it became evident that the sole purpose of BFD was to be as wasted as humanly possible and disregard any kind of decency to others.

I remember asking around to see where The Bike Lot actually was since the location was never fully identified (I kept being told to ask a punk), only to be given rude responses and people yelling at me, people who were apparently pissed that I would actually ask such a thing. I was treated like an outsider who had infiltrated their precious little gathering when all I wanted to do was see what all the excitement was about. The more the day progressed, the more drunk everyone became. And the more drunk everyone became, the more rude and disrespectful they were. No one was even remotely “friendly” at all.

So I’ll be skipping Best Worst Friends Day this weekend. Shame that I’ll miss some great bands, but the hassle isn’t worth it.


  1. I think the worst part about “Best Friends” day is that is just absolutely disgusting! Like Sodom and Gomorrah on the mall. People were dancing around in their next to nothings, and you could even see that kind of stuff that we learned about in 8th grade health class. When will people realize you dont need to show your no no parts and drink beer to have a good time with your best friend? I prefer a relaxed atmosphere.

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