“The Power is Back On” Dance Party Brought to You by ELIM

After four days of having no power, I was ready to go insane. Sorry the blog went dead for a while, but I’m back up and running. Once the power was back on, it was time for a celebratory dance party featuring a group I found out of the blue this past week – electronic/hip-hop duo ELIM.

I was seriously loving on these songs for a good while. Some of the songs from their newly released album, “Can’t Stop Us,” are fun and upbeat, and others are just ridiculously stupid but awesome at the same time (“Digits”). But all the dance tracks are guaranteed to get you up and moving. If you like what you hear, head over to the Canal Club, where ELIM will be perfroming as pat of the Richmond Musicians Artist Showcase on Friday, Sept. 2. Also playing are King, Photosynthesizers, From Fragile Seeds, Kat Rhodes, Trinity Edralin, and Every Other Weekend.

Fight the Beat

Step on the Floor

Can’t Stop Us

One Last Chance

On Top of the World

Set the Stage


Say Yes

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