Why in the World is Less Than Jake Playing A Neighborhood Festival?

When I heard about Fantoberfest going on this weekend, i figured it was just a music festival to compete with the Richmond Folk Festival with a bunch of local bands playing. But then I found out ska punk rockers Less Than Jake were headlining and I had to do a double take.

Here is a band that has been hugely popular for many years, sold out many shows and is worldwide famous and now they are playing a simple neighborhood festival? I’m still weirded out by this. These guys deserve to play somewhere big like the National or at the very least Canal Club.

However, I’ve seen these guys numerous times and they do put on an amazing show. It should be a good time, minus all the obnoxious drunks (it’s a microbrew festival as well). Also playing are Kings of Belmont, No BS Brass Band, The Big Payback (a James Brown cover band), The Gill, Cheap Thrills, Peoples Blues of Richmond and Audio Ammo.

Goodbye Mr. Personality

Animaniacs Theme

Automatic (Live)

All My Best Friends are Metalheads (Live)

Liquor Store (Live)

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