Happy New You

After taking a few days off for a much needed break (compiling best of lists took a lot out of me), I’m back to blogging for 2012 with a couple of New Years Resolutions of my own.

Go to more shows
This one’s pretty obvious. I know I missed out on seeing a lot of great bands perform last year.

Write less, experience more
I’ve written so much about music, my head could explode sometimes. I didn’t mind writing about it, but sometimes you just have to let the music speak for itself. Instead of just telling you where to go and what to listen to, I want to truly discover new music that I’ll love in the next year and beyond.

Pay attention to other media outlets
I seriously paid no attention to other music outlets like NPR, Pitchfork, Paste and all the others last year. And by the end of the 2011, I was scratching my head at choices in peoples’ best of lists because I either hadn’t heard of them or knew them but hadn’t yet listened to their music. I’m proud of the music I loved last year, but I’m going to make it a point to keep a closer eye what other people are talking about too.

Ignore the radio
Part of this stems from the fact that the radio is the only thing I have when driving. Anybody know how I can install and iPod connector on the cheap?

Meet more music lovers and bloggers
I did some of this in 2011 and got to know some great writers who are obsessed with music as much as I am (shoutout to You Hear That, The Cheats Movement and, as always, James at Appetite for Distraction). I have very few people that I can nerd out over music with and I’d like that number to increase.

Learn to play music
Why not?

I think I’ll be able to keep these resolutions better than working out more or drinking less.

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