It’s All About the Ladies at Gallery5

While it may be a scary time to be a woman these days thanks to all these regulations on abortions and the like, it’s good to know that many in Richmond will stick up for the ladies.

On Sunday, Oct. 14, Gallery5 plays host to “Ladies Night: A Women’s Rights Art Auction & Music Benefit Show,” a night of fundraising for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project. The RRFP is a non-profit committed to assisting women in need of medical reproductive services who are prohibited by location and income.

The night will feature live music by numerous local bands including White Laces, The Milkstains, Canary oh Canary, Julie Karr, Iron Reagan, Fire Bison, Constrictor and Apocalypse Dudes.

There will also be an art auction with pieces by numerous local artists including Greg Leach, Becky Carey, Brad D, Chris Brand, Chris Pittman, Emily Monroe, Lauren Fanney, Jenn Rockwell, Jett Harsh, Kristen Conover, Lloyd Young, Lydia Hodges, Marley Anderson, Allison Wick, Mattie Hinckley, Michael Otley, Michael Ramey, Naomi McCavitt, Nick Bryant, Sam Dixon, Tyler Thomas, Virgilio Nebel, Christian Austin, Wess Brockman and more. All proceeds are being donated to help out the RRFP, which in turn will help out many women in need.

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