WRIR Fund Drive Starts Today

launchBeginning today, March 8, WRIR, Richmond’s kickass volunteer radio station, will call on listeners for financial support through March 19. The station’s fund drive will feature special talk and music programs, including performances broadcast live from the station’s West Broad Street studios.

WRIR kicks off its fund drive with an early evening show at Strange Matter with Hoax Hunters, Sacred Teachers and Brandi Price & Kyle Harris of the Diamond Center.

On the air, WRIR will feature a live in-studio performance on the program “Global A Go-Go“ by Quatro na Bossa. On Saturday March 9 in the afternoon, the League of Space Pirates will perform on “River City Limits” and the following Sunday morning, the Jason Jenkins Quartet plays for “Bebop and Beyond.”

Nick Coward and The Last Battle will perform Wednesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. on “Activate with Mike Rutz.” Organ Donor appears on “What the Fontaine” on Friday, March 15, Marionette and Olde Shame play Saturday in “The New Breakfast Snob” and “River City Limits,” respectively, and the Larri Branch Trio visits “Bebop & Beyond” on Sunday, March 17.

During the fund drive, listeners offering donations will receive thank you gifts ranging from t-shirts to bags and other assorted things.

Get out there and donate. We need this station to stick around.

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