6 Track Amateur

Six Track Amateur, or 6TA for short, is a one-man eccentric soul punk band that focuses on self sufficiency. He records himself and performs theatrical shows with his own art and films videos for every song. It’s just as much theatrical and artistic as it is fast and catchy punk music. I got the chance to catch 6TA last weekend at Strange Matter when they (and when I say “they” I really mean Myles Shifflett) opened for Fun Size. The music reminded me a lot of fun punk bands like Bad Religion, Rancid and the Bouncing Souls. But what really made the set was Shifflett’s theatrics and interactivity with the crowd.

Most of 6TA’s set was Shiflett singing to his already created music. He sang songs about eating babies and having sex with hot moms while holding up handmade signs saying “Don’t Think, Just Feel” dancing around cardboard cutouts of Pirate Hitler. There was confetti thrown around and even a bloody baby doll went flying into the crowd. Luckily, the heaviest thing that hit me was a t-shirt (which I now proudly wear).

When I met Mylo after the set, he informed me it was only his fourth show ever. That only made me more impressed. He’s a serious act you need to check out. Download his entire album for free at 6trackamateur.bandcamp.com and catch his live show. It is a spectacle that needs to be experienced. 6TA will be part of a free hip hop/punk/comedy show at On the Rox on Saturday, April 13 with T-Division, Dank D and Gritty City.

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  1. I appeal to the author of this trite to reconsider their use of the word “soul” to describe what should only be described as punk, or very white and very abrasive music.

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