The Smooth Jazz of Plunky and Oneness

J-Plunky-Branch-of-Oneness-of-JujuSmooth jazz group Plunky and Oneness have been a Richmond staple in the scene for many years and can often be found playing at Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar and Bliss Nightclub as well as jazz festivals around the city including Dogwood Dell and the Richmond Jazz Festival.

Plunky’s new single release is a neo-jazz go-go adaptation of the John Legend song, “Tonight (Best You Ever Had).” Plunky adds some smooth sax, sensual female vocals and well-placed funky go-go beats for a danceable adaptation. Here’s the video:

Plunky will release a series of singles over the next few months all leading up to his next CD album. Plunky & Oneness celebrate the release of “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” on Friday, April 19 at the Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar.

Plunky & Oneness – Tonight (Best You Ever Had)


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