Style Weekly’s Sounds of Richmond

cover17_musicThis year, I am honored to help out with Style Weekly’s annual music issue “The Sounds of Richmond.” This year takes a look at how various individuals educate the city and general public on music, from the touring bands to the promoters to the engineers.

Being a blogger, I naturally took a look at how music blogs/websites are educating the city on its great music and got to interview Marc Cheatham from The Cheats Movement, Sarah Lindsey from Sounds of RVA and John Morgan from One Way Richmond, who all had nothing but positive things to say about the Richmond music scene. You couldn’t find a more dedicated group of people. I also added a few words of my own about how I educate people (I’m assuming I do educate someone through here, right?)

Read the entire thing here:

I also got the chance to talk with some amazing bands and artists including The Nervous Ticks, Quatro Na Bossa, The Garbers, The Green Boys, Gamelan Raga Kusuma and Ohbliv.

Pick up a copy around town this week and download the compilation of Richmond artists.


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