Guest Review: Appetite for Distraction

In December, my buddy James from Appetite for Distraction sent me a CD of songs that made the charts last year and asked me to write a guest post. Five months later, I finally write it.

Last December, James sent me a CD with the top songs of the year (Note from James: they weren’t technically the top songs of the year. They were just the songs that had come out since the last CD for Guest Review was completed. But some of these songs WERE the top songs of the year, so he isn’t entirely wrong) and asked me to do a guest review giving my opinions on each track. I should have done this in January instead of being lazy not writing it until May. My opinions are so different now from when these songs first came out last year. I should also note that I really don’t pay much attention to mainstream music, so many of these songs I’m hearing for the first time. But here it goes.

You can read the rest of the guest post here:


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