An Open Letter About the Dude Who Threw a Bottle at Toots

toots_hibbert-209300By now, you all know what happened at Dominion Riverrock this weekend. For those who need catching up, Frederick “Toots” Hibbert of Toots and the Maytals was struck in the forehead when someone in the crowd threw a glass liquor bottlle at him. Toots immediately stopped the show, headed to the hospital and the show was shut down.

Watch video of the incident below. The bottle is thrown at the 4:26 mark.

The person responsible has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and public intoxication, according to Richmond police. Toots is doing fine and doesn’t blame Richmond for one guy’s action.

I wasn’t at this show, but I am deeply saddened and embarrassed that this happened. It’s been circulating all over the media (even Yahoo and Rolling Stone picked it up) and this moment will be one that everyone remembers about the show. So to everyone affected by this show, I say this:

1 – Stop getting completely drunk at shows. Seriously. You’re not awesome. You’re not funny. Nobody thinks you’re cool. All you’re doing is ruining everyone else’s good time and making yourself look stupid.

2 – Be respectful of others there. Hundreds if not thousands of people are trying to enjoy a show. Your actions have consequences, from as small as getting on someone’s nerves to a complete shut down of a show in this case.

3 – Don’t let the actions of one idiot ruin the showgoing experience. Keep going to shows. Everyone else at the show seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time. This is what the normal concert experience in Richmond is like – people who love music seeing people playing good music. Keep supporting it.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter About the Dude Who Threw a Bottle at Toots

  1. I agree. We finally are getting many good musicians and artists to come to our city after cleaning up Shocko Slip and Bottom. It has taken decades to clean up and build the community and then this happens and really sets us back as being a place where artists want to visit. We are truly appalled by this action. What kind of person throws a glass liter bottle at a musician? Toots is 70 years old and a roots, reggae, ska icon of the 60’s from Jamaica. Come on Richmond, show some respect. Venture Richmond will now need to restrict bags, bottles, and other items and search people. The action of a few individuals certainly impacts all of us. We send healing peace, love and unity to Toots and The Maytals from Richmond. Please find it in your heart to return.

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