Shy, Low Sign with Spartan Records

shylowShy, Low have signed with Seattle-based indie Spartan Records. The band’s EP, “Binary Opposition,” will be released digitally and on 12” vinyl on June 25. A string of summer dates in support of the new release have also been announced. Big congrats go out to them!

Shy, Low was founded by four members of post-metal outfit VESSEL from Richmond, Virginia in January of 2011. This experimental switch in genres resulted in a creative blend of instrumental compositions coming from the diverse and varying influences of the band’s four members. After their first tour and mild success of their debut record, the band began to contemplate what direction they wanted to take in their future musical endeavors. They strived to produce more atmospheric, emotive, and visual compositions that would demonstrate the band’s developing musical identity. Over a span of six months, Shy, Low wrote just two songs, carefully crafting and revising each section until they felt entirely confident in its structure. Out of this surgical writing process came the two tracks that would be included on the band’s second release, Binary Opposition: “Presence” and “Absence.” The digital version of the album also includes a bonus track entitled “Voyager.”


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