The Shins, Ra Ra Riot at the National

fr_931_size880There was no space to move in the National last night but people somehow were able to dance throughout the entire night for The Shins and Ra Ra Riot.

I admit to not listening to Ra Ra Riot since 2008’s “The Rhumb Line,” but that didn’t matter. The second they took the stage, the energy went through the roof. Everyone in the place was jumping around and dancing their tails off. Everything they played was upbeat and energetic and made me realize why I feel in love with that album so much. I need to give their newest record “Beta Love” another go through.

Finally, after awkward conversations with middle-aged housewives who talked too loud and teen girls taking a million selfies, The Shins took the stage and the place went nuts. The Shins played many of their hits, including “Simple Song” and “Caring is Creepy” and they got everyone’s attention on them. I will have to say I enjoyed Ra Ra Riot’s set better, but the Shins knew how to entertain an audience.


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