Crash Course in Birthday Party Bands

birthdayWell, tonight’s the night. If you haven’t been paying attention to the spamming I’ve been doing recently, then you’ll need to know that the birthday party celebrating RVA Playlist’s 3-year anniversary is tonight, May 29, at the Camel featuring Anousheh, Long Arms and Horsehead. I am beyond excited for the show and hope all you lovely readers can make it out to this free show.

Besides the bands, there’s also a lot more going on incluing:

  • James Menefee from Long Arms and Ward Harrison from Hackensaw Boys will be playing some acoustic songs before the show starts as pre-show entertainment.
  • There will be raffle prizes from Steady Sounds, Friday Cheers, Blanchards Coffee, Triple Stamp Press, The Camel and others.
  • The night doubles as a release show as Horsehead releases the vinyl for their 2012 album “Sympathetic Vibrations.”
  • There’s cake. You can’t have a birthday without cake.

Go here for all the information:

Here’s a crash course in the bands playing:


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