Punk Rock, Mental Illness and Recovery: A Talk with Craig Lewis

I always love when musicians branch out a do different events on issues they strongly believe. Case in point, punk rocker “Crusty” Craig Lewis.

On Friday June 7, Craig Lewis will be giving a lecture entitled “Punk Rock, Mental Illness and Recovery” at The Flying Brick Library, 506 S. Pine St.

Craig has been a part of the Boston punk rock community since 1988. He has been active playing in several bands, putting out the long running Upheaval Fanzine and also set up DIY shows for 15 years. He also has lived with the symptoms of mental illness his entire life. In the past several years, Craig experienced a remarkable recovery process which enabled him and empowered him to learn effective coping skills and to get a handle on his mental health struggles. He now works as a peer mental health counselor in Boston. Craig is determined to help his peers who struggle with mental illness and addictions, live happier and healthier lives.

Come out to hear Craig tell his story. There will be a question and answer session after the presentation.

There’s more info here: facebook.com/events/480231465379953


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