The Listening Room on Summer Hiatus

TheListeningRoomDebut_9_lowbranchesIn case you wanted to head to the Listening Room tonight, know that there will be no show tonight. The concert series is taking a hiatus for the summer to regroup and plan an awesome line up for the fall.

On behalf of the Foundry and the Listening Room crew, I’d like to inform everyone that the Listening Room will be taking a hiatus for the summer. (Sheds single tear.) But actually, this is a happy hiatus. Since our team has rearranged we’ve been operating about one month behind. This includes securing dates, booking bands, arranging sponsors and coordinating artwork for the posters, etc.

We’d like to take the summer months to reboot and plan the series for the fall to make sure we continue to provide the best and most unique music experience to you, our gracious listeners. We’ll have plenty of Foundry Notes highlighting great shows for you to catch this summer.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back! See you in September.

Chris Payne


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