Brian Cruse and the J.Smith Trio Release New Album at Globehopper

Because bass player Brian Cruse isn’t in enough bands (Marionette, Luray, quux collective, Fado Nosso, Larri Branch Agenda, etc.), he’s been working with guitarist Justin Smith and drummer CJ Wolfe under the name Brian Cruse and the J.Smith Trio. The Trio will be releasing its new album of original compositions entitled “con legno” with a show at Globehopper Coffee on Friday, June 21. The J.Smith Trio will be joined by Paul Willson & Kevin Johnson, who will open the show with a set of sarod & tabla compositions.

After performing for over 5 years together, Brian Cruse – double bass, Justin Smith – guitar, & CJ Wolfe – drum set & mbira, have grown into a tight knit jazz trio that explores a wide variety of sounds and textures. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and performing in a wide array of genres, the members of the J.Smith trio blended these influences to create a unique sound for con legno, their first full-length album. Consisting entirely of original compositions, the album features everything from more traditional bop & ballad influences to various blends of odd time signatures & instrument combinations. They will be joined by guest tenor saxophonist Brendan Schnabel on the release show.


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