Chance Fischer’s Good Riddance

Local hip hop artist Chance Fischer is releasing his new record “Good Riddance” in honor of Epic Fest, a four-day hip hop festival around Richmond including the Canal Club, Kingdom, Aurora Nightclub and Infuzion where he’s one of the featured artists. Other acts include Ryshon Jones, Nike Nando, Nickelus F and more.

Lyrically adept emcee Chance Fischer gives heads something heavier to bump in the whip this summer with the release of his latest, “Good Riddance.” Production by Denero and Matt Campfield provides more than enough bump to turn heads, and the Richmond, VA spitter provides palpable energy, with aggressive lyrics and an infectious chorus that might be just what you need to find your second wind on these long summer nights. This track gives us the voice of a young, intelligent man who knows that his time on this Earth is limited and refuses to let fear or negativity slow him down. All this is accomplished without sacrificing listenability. No small feat. Look for WREATH to drop soon.


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