Richmond Tape Club

tapeclubRichmond Tape Club is a series of 20 minute EPs from Richmond based electronic artists.

Each EP will be available digitally and on professionally made cassettes with screen printed covers by Triple Stamp Press. Artwork is by Jonathan Lee and Team Eight. Volumes 1 and 2 are out now, and Volumes 3 and 4 will be out August 22 and feature new music from Elian and Anduin. You can preorder the new volumes now or become a member and get the whole series.

Volume 1: Negative Gemini
Negative Gemini is the solo electronic project of musician Lindsey French. Using various synths and a vocal loop pedal, she layers new wave-inspired melodies and beats underneath brooding lyrics that become, at times, abstracted into canorous trances amongst ambient shimmer. The result is gloomily bewitching pop landing somewhere between Grimes, Laurel Halo, and Zola Jesus. Hallucinatory and powerfully fun.

Volume 2: Slow News Day In The Vampire World
Slow News Day In The Vampire World is the ambient dub project of recording engineer / producer John Morand and his wife, artist Tara Morand. Mainly utilizing a DJX, drum machine, and turntable, this EP also features edited live inputs from acclaimed artist Stephen Vitiello, Molly Berg, Jonathan Lee (Anduin, Souvenir’s Young America), Bobby Donne (Labradford, Cristal, Pan-American), and Miguel Urbiztondo. Some of these tracks also appear in the Irish horror film Portrait of a Zombie.

Volume 3: Elian
Created between November 2012 and May 2013, these are the first new tracks from Michael Duane Ferrell’s Elian project since 2011. Originally recorded and arranged on computer, each track was then signaled out to external effects and accompanied by synthesizer. This marks a change in technique from his previous releases on labels like Home Normal, providing a much warmer, fuller sound that’s always changing, never still, and heavily dark. Huge, engrossing dronescapes.

Volume 4: Anduin
Developed from some of the sounds and themes used in a series of installation performances titled “Sketches of the Lesser Death,” these are the first new tracks from Jonathan Lee’s Anduin since 2012’s Stolen Years LP. It’s the beginning of a dream narrative where each song is a chapter, every sound a character in motion. Includes contributions from Stolen Years and Lesser Death collaborator Jimmy Ghaphery on saxophone along with former Souvenir’s Young America mates Graham Scala and Noah Saval on guitar and harmonica respectively.


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