PHOTOS: Sound City RVA Bands and Brews Festival


The Breeders

I only went to one day of the Sound City RVA Bands and Brews Festival, but the acts on Saturday killed it. From the old school punk inspired antics of The James Badfellows to the lovely indie rock of Nashville’s Leagues to the amazing set by The Breeders, the music of the festival was incredible. The highlight of the evening had to go to El Vez, the Mexican Elvis who played covers of Elvis songs, salutes to David Bowie and Paul Simon and other artists with a Latin flavor. And kudos to the beer selection – there were 33 different beers on tap – so I wasn’t stuck with a Coors light as my only choice.

As for the way the event was run, the organizers need a little work [constructive criticism time!]. The event’s website offered no real information, the way to get beers was confusing, volunteers all knew different things (some of them knew nothing), the food was terrible and the energy between sets was almost dead. I didn’t go to Day 2 so maybe some of those issues were addressed then. I know that this was the first year Sound City out on this festival, so hopefully they’ve learned what worked and what didn’t so next year, they can get those kinks worked out. I’m looking forward to see what they have planned for future shows.

The James Badfellows

The James Badfellows




Ben Shepherd


The many outfits of El Vez


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