Horsehead vs. Goldrush: #Bandwars is on!

I love when bands have fights. Megadeth vs. Metallica. Green Day vs. Third Eye Blind. Neil Young vs. Lynrd Skynrd. Axl vs. Slash. It’s always fun to watch what bands do to piss each other off and the inevitable fallout that happens because of it.

Luckily, this band war is a little less violent and uncomfortable.

For the past few months, Horsehead and Goldrush have been playfully feuding over social media, taking potshots at each other whenever they could.

It started with this Vine video.

What followed was back and forth practical jokes and poking fun that saw Horsehead’s name changed to “Whoreshead” and being endorsed by Rush Limbaugh to #goldrushisinferior trending on Twitter and Goldrush members being punched out on video.

Below is just a small portion of the fighting going on. Search #bandwars on Facebook, Twitter and Vine to see all of it.



goldrush tweets



Now, the two bands will finally duke it out in a fight to the finish at the Camel on Saturday, Aug. 17. Matt Conner will also be there to keep the peace. In addition to this battle royale (which will most likely be a lot of smack talking), Goldrush will also be releasing their debut full length album entitled “Greatest Hits” (think on it for a minute).

Who will win the battle? And who will win the war? Personally I hope for the bands to go at it Epic-Rap-Battle-of-History style.



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