Recap and Photos of Fall Line Fest


Even though I’m slowly recovering the incredible weekend at Fall Line Fest, I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of this (hopefully) annual music festival. Over two nights, I saw at least 15 bands in venues around the city, experienced new artwork, had some great food and saw many people having fun and enjoying lots of music.

For a first year festival, I have to say that the majority of it went off without a hitch. Everything seemed to be handled extremely well. All the venues were packed, promotion was consistent and everyone was eager to jump on board. Between all the music, the food and music discussion at the Camel and even the “unofficial” Fall Line Fest events like the WRIR Record Label Expo and the day shows at Ipanema and Steady Sounds, it felt like a true city-wide event.

The only real complaints I had were the distance between venues (nothing was really that walkable), hours for the registration site (overlapping work schedules had some people running to the site last minute) and the staff/management at the Hippodrome being unhelpful and rude (I’ll have a lot more on this later).

Probably the best part of the festival was the amount of different bands I got to see. I made sure give support to the local acts like Dead Fame, White Laces, DJ Mikemetic, Anousheh and No BS Brass, and I also made time to check out bands I hadn’t heard of. Here are some of my favorite new finds of Fall Line Fest:

Leverage Models

Kopecky Family Band



Cold Cave

And with any festival, there’s going to be a ton of acts that you just miss out on. Here are a few that I heard were incredible and I’m now mad that I missed:

San Fermin

Hop Along

Speedy Ortiz

Pity Sex

I seriously hope this festival continues every year. For the amount of minor things that I had issues with, they were overshadowed by the amazing dedication of the FLF staff and artists. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.



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