Music Makers Exchange Creates Relationship Between Artists and Fans


Music enthusiasts Justin Laughter, Eileen Edmonds and Marna Bales wanted to establish a music series celebrating the songwriting/arranging craft and creative process. So they created the Music Makers Exchange program to cross cultivate audiences of performing musicians and foster the spirit of collaboration among the artists performing. For each event, the audience experiences music from a different perspective, by learning about how the artists write, arrange and otherwise create their songs.

The best part is that these show bring together acts that normally wouldn’t play a show together. Previous shows have included Prabir Mehta with The Taters, Vexine & Sleepy Brother, Psychobilly Cadillac & Matt Conner and My Darling Fury with Susan Greenbaum.

“The show is performed in a listening room environment with a classroom element as our hosts ask the songwriters/arrangers to explain their process and passion,” Laughter says. “The name ‘Music Makers Exchange’ not only refers to the exchange between the hosts and the performers, but also between the audience members with each other.”

The group’s hope is to introduce and establish relationships between music professionals and hobbyists of all levels, genres and ages and music enthusiasts.

“We all can learn from each other,” Laughter says. “We choose performers based on suggestions from audience attendees, our relationships in the music industry and input from other musicians in our community. At its core, the Music Makers Exchange is here to celebrate music, the creative process and to build community.”

The community component is Laughter’s favorite part.

The next Music Makers Exchange will take place Thursday, September 19 at Gallery 5 with Andy Vaughan and the Driveline and The Dimmer Twins. Future shows include Blue Line Highway, Steve Fisher, Floodwall and Dave Watkins.


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