103.7 The River Becomes 103.7 Play

Early this morning, “Richmond’s Best Alternative” station 103.7 The River announced a name and format change. Starting today, the station will be known as 103.7 Play and will play “The Best of the 90s, 2K and Today.” The station says they are moving to more mainstream, current hits, which was the direction they were always leaning toward so it shouldn’t be an overall shock to listeners.

I’m not a huge fan of the name (they did a really good job at branding The River), but I wish The River Play all the best, although I did always enjoy whenever they would play a random tune from the late 80s/early 90s that wasn’t blasted all over the place. Maybe they’ll keep that up in between pop hits.


33 thoughts on “103.7 The River Becomes 103.7 Play

  1. I wonder if they’ll still respect our music by never talking over our songs? I did like the mix on The River, so I guess I’ll have to pre-program another station since this format isn’t anything I’m interested in hearing.

  2. We are very un happy about the new music. We listened to 103.7 for GOOD music. Now you are playing pop music like usher and lady gaga and things like that. If we wanted to listen to that type of music we would listen to 94.5. 103.7 was my all time favorite station I always had it playing everywhere in our house because the music was good to have on all day until the new changes. Now there are to many different genres of music. PLEASE change it back to the old station. I’m a 14 year old girl and I don’t want to listen to pop music on my favorite station!! I love 103.7 and the people in it but please please please change it back and stop playing pop new today’s music. The music you are playing is not something we want to listen to.

  3. This is very noticeable and to say the least a “shock ” to me. It doesn’t remotely sound the same. The river was the only, and I do mean only station that I listened to. I do not want to hear the tween bebop that the other stations play. If i did, don’t you think i wouldlisten to the other stations? Very disgusted! Angela

  4. I actually use to enjoy the River but now it has gone to total crap. The pop music they have injected in their play lists has ruined a once good station.

  5. Very disappointed to see the River go Pop. It has been my only station for the last two years. Now you’ve gone from 95% great music to 50% crap. Oh well, I’ll just have to head down the dial or rely on my MP3 playlist from now on. .

  6. We used to like the River – good content, good music, love 2nd Date. Now The Play is awful. Only turn it on to hear 2nd Date, and then can’t stand anything more. Even the recorded woman announcer that says the tag lines – makes us cringe it’s so awful.

  7. The River was my favorite music station. I am so unhappy that they have changed to pop music. We don’t need another Q94. I want the River back!!

  8. 103.7 has lost yet another listener. It was good background music for the office not anymore it is just another annoying pop station.

  9. I miss The River! This new pop selection is the same stuff that everyone else is playing. What happened to the good music you used to play? It’s gotta be laying around there somewhere. I relieved you have at least kept Melissan and Jack in the morning, but now I only listen long enough to catch second date and change it because to music selection is so sad. Bring back The River!

  10. The River was headed in the current direction for quite some time, and it was never a true “alternative” station. We need a modern rock station in Richmond and fredericksburg. Any Takers?

    • Its true. I liked the river 3 years ago when it was still new-ish, but slowly they started playing pop songs more and more. Before the format switch, it was already 80% pop… Station has been dead for a while.. Dont understand how this gets approved?

  11. I gave the new format a try and I just can’t. It sucks. If I wanted to listen to the crap you play now, I’d turn to Q94 (which I haven’t listened to since I was about 15 and discovered real music).

    I have already programmed you off all of my presets.

  12. After giving The Play a few months – ugh! I gave up Brtitney and the rest of the pop sweetness after high school. I cannot listen to one more Katy Perry without hurling as I travel down 288. At least Melissa and Jack are still on in the mornings. I hit the station for that brief period for Second Date, then I am out of there! Go back to the different format that drew the River fans – it was unique, now Play is just predicable.

  13. I have always enjoyed listening to this station simply for the fact that yall played all of my favorite 90s rock songs/bands like audio slave, sublime, blink 182, 3 days grace, etc. Now we have yet another station that sounds EXACTLY like q94 (94.5) and the hot 100.9 (100.9)! If I wanted to listen to pop ALL DAY, EVERYDAY i would listen to one of those! Now where am I going to hear 90s rock!? GREAT! I am VERY disappointed and upset about this! I will not be listening to this station as much anymore!

  14. I have to agree with the writers above. I always listened to 103.7, but lately I have been turning the station dial . I always woke up to this station and, sadly had to change the dial for good. Couldn’t you please return to the old format???? Please??? It seems that there is a huge section of the local population that would like to have their old station back..

  15. Ok here is where I stand. The River was my favorite station. I went all three years without changing the radio dial. My favorite song they would play was Lullaby. Play sounds too much like Q94. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE THE RIVER BACK PLEASE!!!!!

  16. The River was irritating because they insisted on calling it the “new” RIver for several years even after they were well established. “Play” sounds like Google Play, and I am curious how they are not in violation of trademarks. The music they play now is awful, but honestly I had stopped listening anyway once I kitted the car with bluetooth and Pandora. I forgot my phone one day and tuned to 103.7 and heard garbage (not the band, actual garbage music). At first I thought I must have tuned to 107.3 or something else. Then I realized they changed format. Crap sells, apparently. If you don’t like it, you have to turn it off. But there are probably more people who listen to it than those of us who don’t. The occasional Top 40 hit can be fun, but all the top 40 filler and banter is just too painful. I hope it fails and we can reallocate the entire FM spectrum to something more useful.

  17. Bravo Haywood. I’m with you all the way. the River has turned into “all crap all the time”. But I luckily found 102 FM and it fills the bill except for their horrific morning show.(Elliiott)

  18. I used to love The River it was my favorite channel I programmed every preset to it I bought a stereo so I could listen to it in my room I then bought my first car and programmed it to my car so when I turn my car on it would go to it. I miss the old 103.7. It was so great. I don’t understand why all my teenager friends love rap and pop. I will admit there are a few okay songs but I miss rock and alternative and the 90’s. I really wish 103.7 would revert back to “the river.” a lot of my friends and I had a party and we turned the stereo up to 11 and put on 103.7 to hear this junk that passes as music. We then heard 103.7 play and we were confused it dawned on all of us that our favorite channel had been destroyed. We cried as a group like the time at the end of our 2012 marching band season. Except this was what we grew up listening to. We decided to turn the stereo off. We said let’s just go home guys. We left and the party was over before it started. 103.7 was my favorite station. It’s now been taken off my presets on my stereo and car. I am a teenager and I have the guts to admit that rap and this stuff called “pop music” is not music it’s junk. If it’s your thing I respect that. But there are many people in the Richmond area and surrounding areas that would really love to have the river back. We miss it. I’m not trying to be a snappy complaining teenager. But I speak for my fellow friends family classmates and people I don’t know. There are a lot of people who would rather have rock and roll back. Even if it was just for a few hours every couple of days I’m sure any people would be happy. Music saves lives and can make a person regain hope and remember things that have been forgotten due to surgery or an accident. Music is love. Music is not just notes on a paper and someone singing to it. It’s a way of life and for me I don’t know what I’d be doing of it weren’t for music. My mother made me join band in Jr high school and I didn’t want to although I knew how to read and write music and play a few instruments. But I am glad she made me. I now have a great group of friends and we have the best time making music together. We play in public and even a couple of friends and I started a band. Now that 103.7 the river is gone things have begun to deteriorate. Sometimes I have to tell myself multiple times a day that this is what music is today and I cry when I think of it. I wish it would be good music again. Have a blessed night. And please play the river every now and again I know that play list is still there. God bless.

  19. Haven’t tuned in what seems years now, thought I’d check it out again only to hear One Direction, (yuck), I’ll check back in another year or two.

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