Music, Comics and more: A Recap of RVACON

Being the huge comic book and sci-fi nerd that I am, when I learned about the first RVACON event, I knew it was a place I had to go to.

Having gone to cons before, I had a inkling of what to expect. I knew there would lots of comics, anime, video games and plenty of fans in elaborate costumes. And I knew RVACON would have all that. What I wasn’t expecting was how much music was involved as well.

526One of the groups that caught my attention early on was Eien Strife, a cosplay adventure group from the world of “Terina” that tours anime and gaming conventions all over the country telling their story and fighting to save their planet. The group of costumed musicians puts on a show that is full of high energy music, unique cosplay, acrobatics, retro gaming animations between songs, battle scenes and crowd interaction.

Eien Strife – Visions of Clarity

Eien Strife – Fight for Destiny

5508-Bit music artist Chipocrite gave a guest lecture that provided an overview of chip music, which repurposes old video game hardware to create new and original compositions. Chipocrite gave an amazing performance that utilized a few Game Boys to create some amazing digital music. Hearing how he put it together made me appreciate how much he put into his craft.

logo-1But by far, the coolest music thing I got to experience was Richmond-based silent disco group Hear No Evil.

Hear No Evil is basically a headphone party, where music is broadcast through a transmitter and picked up by pairs of wireless headphones. Some of the area’s top DJs and producers were playing throughout the event – but you couldn’t hear them unless you had a pair of headphones on. It was the coolest thing to just walk around the con and listen to live music that wasn’t heard by everyone else. It was also funny to see the DJs and other headphone wearers dance and enjoy the music when I wasn’t wearing them.

For its first year, RVACON did a great job at bringing music, comics, anime, gaming and more into one venue. There were a few kinks to work out here and there, but I hope it continues on next year.


2 thoughts on “Music, Comics and more: A Recap of RVACON

  1. Thank you for the awesome review! I’m glad you enjoyed it! If you ever want to throw a silent disco, let me know! We can definitely work something out because I know I would be completely lost in the RVA music scene without you.

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