5 Can’t Miss Acts at the Richmond Folk Festival

Get ready because the Richmond Folk Festival is less than one week away (Oct. 11-13) and it’s going to be a weekend full of entertaining music in the heart of RVA.

Have no idea who to check out while you’re there? Here are five “Can’t Miss” performers at the Richmond Folk Festival that you’ll kick yourself for missing.


If there was ever a new genre to go and learn about, Tuvan throat-singing would be it. One of the oldest and most striking vocal traditions, throat-singing is where a single singer produces multiple notes of different pitches simultaneously and through it, shapes it into a melody. The notes are so simple and beautiful and the members of Alash are masters of both throat-singing and traditional Tuvan instruments.

Alash – Jam Session with the Extra Special Terrestrial Guests

Mighty Sam McClain
Mighty Sam McClain is one of America’s original masters of southern soul and blues from the 1960s. Carry on in the tradition of singers like Solomon Burke and Otis Redding, Mighty Sam is today making some of the best music of his long career, and he’s earning the widespread acclaim as “The Soul of America.”

Mighty Sam McClain – Can’t Stop the Funk

The Dardanelles
The traditional music of Newfoundland comes alive with this young group. With sounds anchored in ballads brought by settlers from England, Ireland and Scotland, the Dardanelles’ music has shaped itself into something strong and powerful. The young members of the group prove that traditional music can still be relevant today.

The Dardanelles – The Eastern Light

Lurrie Bell
If anyone could epitomize Chicago Blues, it would be Lurrie Bell. Best known for his rough and tumble blues, Bell has been entertaining audiences for decades and received countless awards and accrediations. At the Folk Festival, he’ll be p[laying both acoustic and electric and will wow audiences with each.

Lurrie Bell – Hey Baby

Spanish Harlem Orchestra

The Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra is one of the most entertaining and authentic Latin jazz combos today.
Directed by world-renowned Oscar Hernández, the 13-member all-star ensemble has reintroduced the classic sounds of New York City Salsa to music lovers everywhere. These guys will make you dance in no time.

Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Salsa Dura


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