Nick Coward & the Last Battle Call It Quits

nickcowardLast night, Nick Coward and the Last Battle posted this sad news on their Facebook page:

Hey folks, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that after 3+ years of fun, we’ve decided to call it quits. The good news is that we have all these t-shirts, koozies, and cds that we need to get rid of, or they will sit in my (Adam’s) apartment collecting dust until the end of time.

If you want a comfortable $5 (price negotiable) sleep/workout/cleaning rag shirt with a really awesome design by Petra Mihai, or a cheap/free koozy designed by Bamilla/Brenna Sheffield, or a cheap/free cd with fantastic artwork by Will Godwin, LET US KNOW! We’ve been in bands before with all kinds of unused merchandise still collecting dust to this day; we don’t want to let that happen this time!

I feel like I kind of skipped over that first part. Allow me to go back for a second. This has been one of my favorite musical endeavors I’ve ever participated in. I can attribute most of that to the support and encouragement of everybody who has been gracious enough to pay even the smallest bit of attention to us within the last few years. Thanks everybody!

That being said – we’ll always be playing music in some form or fashion, so look for us again (hopefully sooner rather than later).

I am very sad to see them go. This year’s “Thieves” was one of my favorites of the year and 2010’s “Kings” will always hold a special place in my heart. Hopefully we see new things come out of this.

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