Whiskey Rebellion Premieres New Documentary at the Byrd Theatre


Bluegrass band The Whiskey Rebellion host the world premiere of its new feature length musical documentary “Live in Oregon” at the Byrd Theatre on Friday, Oct. 11.

A 21st century tale of adventure, discovery and every music enthusiasts dream; Summer tour with your band! Trek along with progressive bluegrass band The Whiskey Rebellion as our voyage captures the essence of the “Musical American Dream”, an insider’s perspective seldom seen. The group feeds from a lush musical valley of diversity fused with an unmatched atonal talent.

The Journey begins in Richmond Virginia, the band’s home, where we are quickly whisked away to the far off magical land of “Oregon”. There the band burns through city after city, bar after bar, and a few festivals in between on their passage towards the climactic performance at the historical Liberty Theatre in Astoria, Oregon. This show becomes the skeletal structure for the film as it becomes deeper and deeper intertwined with our story. An unrepeatable pilgrimage of musical experience not to be missed.

Tickets are available here: thewhiskeyrebellion.net/live_in_oregon.html


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