PHOTOS: Richmond Folk Festival (Take That Computer Problems!)

This is not what you want to see after standing in the rain taking a million photos.

This is not what you want to see after standing in the rain and mud taking a million photos.

Despite the weather, many people came out to support the Richmond Folk Festival. The bands were amazing and everyone was having a good time. Attendance was lower this year, obviously, but if you still want to donate money, you can donate through their website.

So after standing around in the rain and mud and taking photos of this year’s festival, I came home, dried off, put warm clothes on and started to write up my recap for Monday’s post. I was excited to go through my 100+ pictures of all the amazing acts I saw.

When I opened my photos, I go the above image or this message.


I panicked. It looked like my memory card had been damaged, corrupting all my photos and there was no way to fix it. All the time I spent on getting these great shots and thought everything went to waste. I got very upset, sulked for a bit and seethed with anger when I saw other media outlets showing off their photos.

Thanks to some very tech savvy internet friends, I figured out a way to recover some of the photos. My memory card is not as damaged as I thought and at least some of the images were salvageable. It’s not everything (I lost some really great shots), but some photos are better than none at all.

So I present to you in no particular order, my (very abridged) slideshow of photos from the Richmond Folk Festival


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