Positive No Album Release at Gallery 5


This Friday, Nov. 8 at Gallery, be the first to get dibs on vinyl copies of Positive No‘s debut EP, “Via Florum”. Also joining the bill will be Brooklyn drone psych rockers Ancient Sky, and the infectious indie pop sounds of Clair Morgan.

“Via Florum” is named after a stone archway in Maymont Park that’s engraved with those words. It is “the gateway between two worlds, the dramatic rolling hills along the James River and a compact, blooming oasis. Eclectic, lush, and slightly off the beaten path, this multi-layered garden celebrates the past while remaining vibrant and modern.”

“Via Florum” is a phenomenal album and if you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and get on this. If 100 people pay at the door for this show, Positive No will make a personal donation of $50 to Maymont and Scuffletown Park.

This show also marks the first show with music extraordinaire Shannon Cleary joining Clair Morgan as a new band member.


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