RVA MILFs Just Want to Have Fun

blog-imgOh, Richmond music, just when I think I have you figured out, you throw me a curveball like this.

Shannon Montsinger is a Singer/Songwriter based in Richmond and has just released her latest single “Girls Night Out (GNO).” The video is full of suburban moms looking to party with their besties at Europa, heavy autotune, and, of course, a young rapper jumping in 2/3 through the song.

I’m just going to leave this right here for you.


10 thoughts on “RVA MILFs Just Want to Have Fun

  1. What an amazing breakout video!
    This song really speaks to me and my peers. I am an entitled, dependent mother of three, and I hate being around my family at all times. I just want to escape my chosen life responsibilities to get laid by slutty dudes. All the time. Cougar on the prowl – GRRR!
    Heck, I paid for these boobs all by myself with my husband’s money… you might as well enjoy them! But, money can’t buy everything. Only friends, booze, boobs, and my very own music video starring ME! Don’t you love me? If you don’t, I’ll buy you, too!

  2. Yeah, I’m confused. I get that little girls like whatever-that-chicks-name-is-that-wrote-that-Friday-song would think it was novel to be in a music video. Their parent’s spoil them enough to hire a cheap camera crew, producer, etc and create it. But, WTF is this? Is this serious or did someone waste a bunch of money on a joke that isn’t funny?

  3. I sat behind this chick at a local coffee shop and it is just a grab at getting famous similar to rebecca black’s Friday song. I listened to her have an entire meeting.

  4. Kinda love this – infact so much that we shared it on our MILF facebook page – they look awesome! You can see it here if you want facebook.com/milfonlinedating

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