Show Cheats Some Love at RVA Hot Sauce

Photo by Johnny Hugel

Photo by Johnny Hugel

There is not a more dedicated person to the culture and community of our city than Marc Cheatham of The Cheats Movement. Everywhere you go, you’ll see Cheats snapping photos of a hip hop night or speaking about the importance of community at TEDxGraceStreet or helping put together Richmond’s Fall Line Fest. It’s obvious he’s loves this city and wants to show off all the amazing things about it. In his own words, WE SEE IT!

This Sunday at Gallery 5, he’s putting together and incredible lineup of talent for his signature event, RVA HOT SAUCE. The event will feature live performances by: Photosynthesizers, Anousheh, J.d. Haze, Ohbliv, Radio B, Michael Millions, and Noah-O. Along with a performance by the Richmond Comedy Coalition, a kindness mission from Kindness Girl Patience Salgado, and an open mic hip hop cypher freestyle. There will also be information available and commentary presented by some of the most active community organizations in RVA.

Advance tickets are available now here.

The Cheats Movement would not be where it is without everyone’s continued support. So please come and give Cheats the love he deserves. This show will not disappoint.



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