Paulo Franco and Shane Cooley Release “The Green Porch Sessions”

Paulo Franco has a new project coming out with Shane Cooley called “The Green Porch Sessions,” which started when the two met last year and did a show together at the Camel. That quickly developed into a friendship and the two artists began to co-write songs together on Paulo’s porch in Woodland Heights.

“I told Shane the story of my parents wedding,” Franco says. “My parents are from Colombia, and my dad was in the US doing graduate medical work. His visa would not allow him to leave the US and come back. My mom decided to go the US and marry him there, but her mother would not let her go because she was technically single, and proper single women did not travel alone to be with men unchaperoned. So my dad signed the marriage license in the US, sent it back to Colombia and his younger brother stood in for him at his wedding. My mom was pretty pissed as this was not in the least bit romantic, so she showed up to her wedding in a black cocktail dress, which cused quite a scandal in Medellin back in the day!”

When Franco told Cooley that story, Cooley threatened to write it into a song if Franco didn’t. That song became “Married In A Black Dress,” which led to more collaborations that later turned into an EP.

Franco and Cooley will be celebrating “The Green Porch Sessions” with a release party at Capital Ale House on Friday, December 20 from 5-8 p.m.


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