Kingdom Music Venue is Closed

Photo by Dylan Patterson

Photo by Dylan Patterson. Flickr page

UPDATE: Kingdom has confirmed they are closing. The following was posted on Kingdom’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Kingdom has decided to close its doors. It’s been rad! Thanks to all of the great bands who have played the venue and the awesome music scene for supporting us.


There’s been some talk this weekend that Kingdom, the music club formerly known as Alley Katz has been closed. The venue’s website has been taken down to just a generic image and the A Loss For Words and Our Last Night show that was scheduled for Monday night has been moved to Chesapeake. The venue’s Facebook and Twitter pages haven’t been updated in a while either. The group that runs Kingdom also runs Empire in Northern Virginia, which is still open and Amped and Alive, who handles the venue’s ticketing, still lists some Kingdom dates.

According to a source of mine, the locks were changed on Saturday morning by the owner. This is eerily familiar of when Alley Katz suddenly closed due to not paying its taxes, although this doesn’t mean Kingdom is officially closed for good. I’ll keep an eye on this for any updates.

Hopefully, Kingdom can remain open. It’s always a shame when a good music venue closes since there are so few in Richmond that are consistently hosting live, original music.


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