My Darling Fury Holds Remix Contest

My Darling Fury is hosting a contest for fans to remix its song “End of the World.” A local RVA music expert (I wonder who?) will help judge the entries and the winner gets a special My Darling Fury prize pack full of goodies.

Here’s how to enter:
Step 1: Go to to download all the stems off of Bandcamp.
Step 2: Click the buy now button and enter zero dollars (that’s right, free!) to download.
Step 3: Upload the tracks into any digital audio workstation to be remixed. All stems start from bar 1 and the bpm used was 150.
Step 4: Upload your remix to the group’s Soundcloud Group at

You use at least one stem from “The End of The World” to be considered. The deadline to submit is February 20.

In the meantime, My Darling Fury will be playing with Floodwall and Andrew Grossman & The Man + The Machine Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Gallery 5.


One thought on “My Darling Fury Holds Remix Contest

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