Vexine Releases “Live from Nashville”

vexineI’ll get this out of the way. I’m not a fan of live albums. I feel that live albums are usually unable to capture the full experience of a band’s live show and makes a mere recording. So I was naturally hesitant when I listened to Vexine’s new album “Live from Nashville.” I LOVED the group’s self-titled album that came out last year and was worried it wouldn’t be able to compare – although I have yet to see a real-life Vexine show (The band  holds the record for most times I’ve attempted to see a show  before something got in the way of me going. 6 times. Sorry, guys.)

Luckily, the blues rock group does not disappoint here. “Live from Nashville” is a solid collection of Vexine songs old and new and the group doesn’t simply want to record its live songs, it wants to capture a Vexine show in its raw form and deliver it to the listener with a bow on top. Lead singer Sarah Gleason brings her best seductive sounds throughout the album and offers plenty of onstage banter (“Here’s a new song…. well, I guess they’re all new to you.”), while the other members of the band hold nothing back in terms of energy. There are a number of songs from last year’s album, but the band also manages to pull out a few tricks including covers of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” and the Nina Simone hit “Feelin’ Good,” both perfectly in synch with the band’s current style.

So while I’m still hesitant about live albums, I don’t have to worry about loving Vexine’s “Live from Nashville.”

The official release date for the album is February 21, when the band will play a release show at Gallery 5 with 64 Crayons and Chelsea Temple. But before that, Vexine plays Tobacco Company on Feb. 7. I will make it to one of these (although I probably just jinxed myself again).


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