Incoming Transmission…. Who is The Last Astronaut?


This transmission is coming to you from the depths of space. A relic from enigmatic duo Z and X, also known as The Last Astronaut, has recently been discovered amongst the debris of a classified space mission. All that remains of this unknown group is the musical broadcast hitting the airwaves now, collected by Chill Mega Chill Records.

The music was discovered back in December and speculation still runs rampant on who The Last Astronaut is or where they come from. Did they ever make it back to Earth? The whereabouts of The Last Astronaut are unknown. Some claim Z and X call Richmond home and have possibly been involved with a certain local pop punk group years ago, but details are sketchy at this point. The group’s website states that “record archives do confirm Richmond, VA, USA, was indeed the last listed Earth address of Z and X (pre-apocolapse, that is). Astute cassette collectors may also recognize that the skyline featured on the inside of the cassette art looks suspiciously like a certain capitol city in central VA.”

Others claim they are still out there somewhere, exploring the depths of space and are transmitting more music to the stars.

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