Monday Music Roundup – Feb. 24


Alt-Country/Indie/Americana group Savage Bones are proud to be 100% independent. They record their own songs, shoot our their videos and design their own album covers, graphics and digital content. They’ve even gotten the attention of CMT, who is already streaming their new single “I Didn’t Move to Portland.”

Colony is a post-punk rock band that’s brand new to the scene and there’s not much known about them yet. The group produces some delightful melodies and  good vibes influenced by artists that include M83, Queen, The Strokes, New Order and The Doors.

Lil Greg the Bastard is a “dope artist and all around good guy” from Chesterfield. His unique sound and penchant for quick ad-libbing gives him an edge over  typical  rappers.  Part of a collective of artists called Giniawin Recordings , Lil Greg the Bastard is ready to explode. His latest mixtape, “Free the Bastard,” is available here.

rosserNick Rosser Scott, going by ROSSER in his music, is a 22-year-old artist working on his debut album “Listen in the Everglades,” which will be out in April.

dr3Daniel Robertson, also known as DR3,  is an up and coming artist in RVA who raps with the backing of a live band behind him. He collaborated with Richmond artist Earl Mack to create original “Old Dead City” Timbs to go along with Daniel’s upcoming single, “Old Dead City” (Wake Up Richmond).


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