Chris Brokaw Plays Solo Show at Steady Sounds

brokaw (2)

Chris Brokaw is perhaps best known as founding member of the indie rock band Codeine and blues-noise project Come. He has been working as a solo artist since 2002 and has more than a dozen releases of vocal and instrumental work. He currently plays in bands like The New Year, The Lemonheads, The New Year, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Dirtmusic and The Catamites (a duo with Sunn O))) guitarist Stephen O’Malley). When he’s not touring, Brokaw also scores films, and has worked as accompanist to Thurston Moore, Jennifer O’Connor, Rhys Chatham and Christina Rosenvinge.

Chris Brokaw will be playing his first solo appearance in Richmond with an acoustic show at Steady Sounds on Monday, March 3. The English Majors, the new project from Matt Klimas (Snowy Owls/Low Branches) and PJ Sykes (Hoax Hunters), will also be playing. More details here.


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